Pioneers & Innovators of Our Time
Principality of Monaco - November 21-23, 2018
Captain Robert L. Gibson (USN-Ret.)
Commander, space shuttle Columbia (1986)
Maj. Gen. Charles F. Bolden, Jr.
Pilot, space shuttle Columbia (1986)

Dr. George Nelson
Mission Specialist, space shuttle Columbia (1986)

Mr. Guy Beutelschies
VP, Communication Satellite Solutions
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Dr. Rhea Seddon
One of NASA's first women Astronauts

Captain Michael Lopez-Alegria (USN-Ret.)
Four-time  NASA astronaut
Dr. Ilhami Aygun
President & CEO
SSI - Monaco S.A.M.
Master of Ceremonies
Mr. Mesut Ciceker
Head of Sales, EMEA Region, Civil Commercial Space
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Mr. Christian Moore
President, Media
SSI - Monaco
The Embassy also welcomes the following Pioneers and Innovators and NASA alumni:  

Buzz Aldrin
NASA Astronaut
One of the 1st two humans to set foot on the Moon in 1969
Jean-François Clervoy
European Space Agency
Patrick Baudry
Cosmonaut and Astronaut
UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador